Pigmentation Treatment

We have several skin issues nowadays as a result of a variety of factors, including the use of chemicals, pollution, poor diets, and product sensitivities, among others. These factors can severely injure our skin. Due to the sensitive nature of these issues, they require expert medical attention and treatment. Pigmentation is a significant skin condition. Skin pigmentation can lessen the inherent beauty. Due to several factors, pigmentation is becoming a problem for many people.

If given the right care, pigmentation can be totally cured. Many techniques exist that can help you get rid of pigmentation. Luxe Clinique treats pigmentation using natural methods.

For Perfect Skin, Have Best Skin Pigmentation Treatment in East Delhi by Luxe Clinique

A diverse range of skin diseases known as pigmentation is distinguished by abnormal pigment deposits in the body. The disorder could be isolated, widespread, and only cosmetic in nature, or a sign of a major underlying problem. Most pigmentary disorders are characterized by excessive melanin depositions in the skin. The pigment that gives us the color of our skin is called melanin. Both the broad types, such as Addison’s disease and hemochromatosis, and the localized variants, such as melasma, involve hormones significantly. Because it has an impact on appearance, facial pigmentation can cause severe emotional disturbance.

Hyperpigmentation frequently results from

  • hormones
  • Medication reactions from hydroquinone, tetracycline, anti-malarial medications, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  • Acanthosis nigricans, Nevus of Ota, and dark circles are local causes.
  • DPNs, moles, and actinic lichen lesioned

Acne scars, sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, bleaching, excessive exfoliation, parlor facials, Addison’s disease, antibiotics, pregnancy, chemotherapy medicines, skin sensitivity, trauma, etc. can all lead to pigmentation. Hypomelanosis, including vitiligo, results from a deficit in normal melanin activity. For such pigmentation treatment in Shahdara, contact Dr. Ritika Dhingra to get the best cure.

High-Quality Treatment from luxe Clinique

Chemical peels are high-quality remedies used by professionals to address tanning, fine wrinkles, uneven skin texture, and pigmentation on the face and body. They are made from natural components like sugarcane and milk. For improved outcomes and patient comfort, we combine peels such as glycolic, lactic, salicylic, and kojic acid. Peels can be used safely on people of all ages and skin types, and they are particularly helpful for treating dark circles, scars on the back, pigmentation around the bikini line and under the arms, rough, dark knees, elbows, or ankles, and tanned arms and legs.

Depending on the type of pigmentation present, such as melasma, melanosis, tanning, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation following acne, injuries, etc., our therapies are tailored to the patient’s skin needs. Treatment options include a single technology or specialized combinations of the Fraxel laser, chemical peels, blemish-banishing Cos Melan and Derma Melan masks, HydraFacial, Oxygen Facial, whitening facials, and Transdermal.

Some of the Treatments Associated with Curing Pigmentation

Following are a few options available for pigmentation treatment in Vishwas Nagar.

  1. The Cos Melan Depigmentation Therapy significantly and safely reduces ingrained, resistance to treat skin pigmentation and leaves the skin looking clear and bright. In order to cure and prevent pigmentation, Cos Melan contains active substances that block crucial steps in the creation of melanin.
  2. Derma Melan Depigmentation Therapy enhances skin clarity, texture, and pigmentation. is good for pigmentation that is resistant to hormonal or post-inflammatory treatments. It also lowers pore size, texture, and sebum production in oily skin, and it aids in the reversal of photo-aging and sun damage. Derma Melan targets melanin synthesis in the skin to treat and prevent pigmentation by blocking the enzyme Tyrosinase.
  3. The FDA has authorized the Fraxel Restore laser as a safe and efficient treatment for pigmentation. The resurfacing effect of Fraxel stimulates cell turnover and causes extrusion of the melanin pigment from the skin when administered at the proper superficial treatment levels, giving the skin a youthful appearance due to smoother texture and even pigmentation.
  4. It is a soothing resurfacing process that involves washing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and the injection of medicinal serums that improve superficial skin pigmentation and tanning with immediately apparent results.
  5. The Opulence Oxygen Facial addresses age spots and uneven tone while also illuminating the skin. A jet of pure oxygen is used to inject a medicated cosmeceutical serum into the deeper layers of the skin, correcting pigmentation and scavenging dangerous free radicals.

Get the Best Treatment from Experienced Doctor Ritika Dhingra

If pigmentation is not treated, the skin tone may become permanently dull and uneven, giving the person a tired and older appearance. According to Dr. Ritika Dhingra known as the leading cosmetologist for pigmentation treatment in east Delhi, pigmentation lesions can grow darker and larger with time. The prevention of pigmentation can be aided by using appropriate sun protection, excellent skincare practices, exercise, and good dietary habits. Only an effective skin pigmentation removal procedure administered by a licensed cosmetologist can assist in stopping the disease from getting worse if the skin pigmentation is caused by genes, correct consultation, drugs, etc. Although pigmentation does not pose any health risks, it lowers the patient’s sense of confidence. Please go ahead and visit the Luxe Clinique, which is renowned for its customized pigmentation treatment in Krishna Nagar.