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cosmetologist in east delhi

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cosmetologist in east delhi

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Best Cosmetologist And Aesthetician in Delhi: Dr Ritika Dhingra

Dr Ritika Clinic is the best cosmetologist and aesthetician in Delhi and has been providing skin care and treatment for more than 5 years. Luxe Clinique in Krishna Nagar, Delhi is one of the most renowned cosmetologist clinics with thousands of happy patients. We at Luxe Clinique, a skin clinic in east Delhi investigate all of your skin issues and provide you with satisfying solutions.

Our strength is our comprehensive approach to treating disorders including chronic skin diseases and delivering the greatest aesthetic outcomes. Cosmetic dermatology is the best option for our patients because skin makes up a significant portion of our appearance. The Luxe Clinique provides the answer to all of the dermatological problems. Be it a skin disorder that bothers you and interferes with more than just your regular activities.

Happy Patients

We offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments with the help of some of the best skin specialists in Delhi to give the desired look to our patients.

Some of the major attributes of our services are:

We have the most novel technologies available from worldwide for cosmetic dermatology.
Diagnosis and treatment of skin, nail, and hair disorders.
Acne & Acne Scars related Treatments.
Facial cosmetic procedures, micro needling, light therapy, and skin firming treatments.
Problems related to PCOD/PCOS.
Skin Problems like, Skin Allergy, Fungal infection, Scabies etc.
cosmetologist in east delhi

About Dr. Ritika

More About Dr. Ritika clinic

Dr. Ritika Dhingra, the best skin specialist in East Delhi, believes in providing high quality care to her patients. The team of skin professionals at the clinic offer today’s most advanced dermatological treatments, cosmetic treatments, and skin & hair rejuvenating aesthetic treatments.

Skin issues are common in Delhi as a result of the city’s rapidly evolving lifestyle and increasing pollution levels. Therefore, finding a reputable Cosmetologist is necessary for the treatment of this medical issue. And for that, you may quickly get in touch with our experts at Luxe Clinique, a skin clinic in east Delhi. You will receive care from the top Cosmetologist in East Delhi at the Luxe Clinique. We are renowned for offering patients the greatest care at the most competitive prices. Call or email us to set up an appointment. 

Luxe Clinique is a vibrant, ever-evolving clinic that offers HydraFacial treatment in Delhi with a focus on medical aesthetics. Everyone aspires to have flawless skin. At Luxe Clinique having the Best Cosmetologist in East Delhi, we are aware of this objective. It serves as a one-stop shop for all skin care needs. Our aim is to comprehend your needs, suggest the best course of action, and create a treatment schedule that will help you get the outcomes you want. You can continue to enjoy the real you for many more years with the help of our anti-ageing and skin-improving procedures. With the most recent and cutting-edge treatment methods, our Cosmetologist in East Delhi ensures an amazing and satisfying experience. 

Why is Luxe Clinique the Best Skin Clinic in Delhi?

Who wouldn’t want to highlight their perfect skin? The most excellent aesthetics for anyone are formed by commendable skin. Luxe Clinique fully understands what is meant by this objective. Our Best Cosmetologist in Delhi sincerely makes an effort to comprehend the needs of his or her patients and recommend the ideal course of action. The treatment program is specially tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. Our top skin specialist in east Delhi has expert credentials and superior training. Modern tools are employed to deliver the most gorgeous outcomes. The following procedures are our skin specialist’s areas of specialization:

  •       Anti-ageing remedies to make you look and feel younger.
  •       Skin treatments, such as those for obstinate acne.
  •       Body therapy; laser hair removal
  •       Permanent face makeup and medical facials associated with it
  •        Removal of scars (pigmentation, skin moles, warts, & skin tags)

Luxe Clinique is most conveniently located. Luxe Clinique will empathetically lead you and tell you of your options. It is a one-stop shop for all of your skin-related issues.


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Our Popular Services

Using the latest treatment technologies in Cosmetologist and Aesthetician care with years of experience, knowledge, and real-world training. Moreover, we provide patients with expert care in a friendly atmosphere.

cosmetologist in east delhi

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cosmetologist in east delhi

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cosmetologist in east delhi


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cosmetologist in east delhi


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cosmetologist in east delhi


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cosmetologist in east delhi

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cosmetologist in east delhi

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cosmetologist in east delhi

Other Treatments

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